When designing a kitchen, the elements and materials you want to see are usually somewhere in mind, but making final decisions is no easy task. In particular, choosing countertops can be daunting, as there are so many styles and materials to choose from—and countertops are more than an aesthetically pleasing part of a kitchen. If you’re looking to finally pull a design together, here’s a quick guide to buying the perfect kitchen countertop.

Consider Function

As mentioned, countertops are more than decoration; they serve a functional purpose in the home, and certain styles and materials are better suited to that function. First, consider what you will be using that kitchen space for. Will you be hosting cocktail parties? Are you an at-home chef, or do you need a childproof and mess-proof kitchen? Considering these factors will help you decide how stain-resistant and easily maintainable the countertops need to be.

Choose the Appropriate Material

There is an incredible amount of countertop materials to choose from, all in different colors and styles. There’s recycled glass, quartz, granite, tile, soapstone, zinc, stainless steel, and more. To start off, consider how stain- and heat-resistant the countertops need to be. An at-home chef may prefer stainless steel, butcher’s block, or granite. Granite, in particular, is very resistant to heat and stains, although its edges and corners can crack easily.

If a countertop is mostly for show, unique materials like recycled glass, bamboo, or marble may be more suitable. Natural metals like zinc can be easily cleaned and maintained and will naturally become more beautiful over time; however, it scratches very easily. If you’re trying to avoid stains and messes, quartz, granite, or laminates come out on top.

Evaluate Overall Style

Once you’ve settled on a set of materials to choose from, you can start to consider which materials suit which style best. Quartz and granite can be the easiest to maintain while still being incredibly beautiful, coming in a variety of patterns and colors. But for some, these materials are too rustic, so you may prefer something more modern—like steel—or more retro—like recycled glass. The style and color of the sink and the kitchen as a whole should also be taken into consideration. After all, you wouldn’t put a bright pink laminate countertop in an industrial-style kitchen.

After you’ve followed this guide to buying the perfect kitchen countertop, you hopefully have a better idea of the best kitchen countertop for you. At this point, it’s best to get some samples to see how certain styles and materials would look best in your kitchen!

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