Hello there! and welcome to our page. We are going to be talking about the different/ more popular materials to use for your Kitchen countertops, as well as where they come from, the pros and cons.


Let’s start out with Granite. Granite is a natural stone, beautiful in many ways and comes in many colors. Being one of the most popular choices throughout many years.

  • It is a hard durable material, also heat-resistant. What that means is, if you’re baking a tray of cookies and get them fresh out the oven you can put them directly on your countertops and no damage will come to them. Very cool! Besides all this, granite is very affordable, most companies price it at $39/ sf and up, discounted granite is common. Depending on stone of course. Always check granite fabricators and granite installers near your location.
  • Even though granite has many amazing aspects it does have its negatives, the main one being the maintenance. Since granite is a rock, it is a porous material, so sealing is highly recommended. Fun fact! The darker the stone the less porous it is, also the deeper it comes out of the mountain. Another thing to watch for when choosing granite is, some granite stones have fissures. Fissures are natural cracks on the rock, that happen to be there when it is cut from the quarry. Fissures can be filled with epoxy and other tools to be made smooth and made look like the rest of the stone.
  • Granite comes from all parts of the world. Brazil, India, China, and Canada have very large quarries to see the rock getting mined. Companies give stones different names but there are still a handful of stones that are universal no matter which company you choose to go with. Such as Caledonia, Uba Tuba, Santa Cecilla, Venetian Gold, Dallas White, just to name a few.


Is quartz what you’re looking for? The counter top industry has definitely changed since quartz got introduced. White-white countertops with some gray veins is what is more popular right now, as shows on HGTV show often. Let’s dig into it a little deeper.

White with gray Quartz
  • Quartz is an engineered stone. This man-made material is formed by mixing 90% ground quartz- a natural hard mineral, with 10% pigments, polymers, and resins. Doing this creates that hard durable material. Very hard material almost non-porous allows this material to be maintenance free. No sealing is required, the best thing to use is warm soap and water to clean material.
  • Now for the cons, there aren’t many. Actually there is only one! Since quartz material is mixed with plastics, quartz is not heat-resistant. The resins will take up to 150 degrees, so set that fresh pan of cookies else where till it cools down. If temperatures exceed it can burn the material. That’s it!
  • Quartz material was originated in Northeast Italy by The Brenton Company. After trade marketing the idea they licensed it to over 50 companies to this day. Companies you’ve might have heard of like Cambria, Caesarstone, and Silestone. This hard engineered material is a top favorite for many homeowners as the price is pretty fair, Quartz countertops prices average cost is around $60/ sf.


One of my favorite materials, the quartzite stone. This material is a very hard metamorphic rock that is originated as sandstone. Heating and pressurization of sandstone is transformed into Quartzitewhich is an extremely strong and durable natural stone.

Quartzite Slab
  • Reasons Quartzite is one of my favorite material is the unique look you get from this natural stone, there are many quartzite countertop colors. It is non comparable as it has that wild exotic look. Similar to granite, quartzite material is also heat-resistant, so go ahead and put that fresh tray of cookies on it. Quartzite is also porous so sealing is highly recommended.
  • Even though, as beautiful as it is it can scratch, stain, etch. Keep acidic minerals away from this material. Sealing will help it tremendously. The uniqueness of this material will cost you a pretty penny. Most quartzites average cost of $75/ sf or higher. Because of all the quartz in this material it can chip, but as stated like granite it can be filled and polished smooth.
  • Where can you find quartzites? This amazing stone can be found in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and some parts of the United States. Fun fact! The Quartz material (engineered stone) is made of the residue of the Quartzites. 


Vermont Danby Marble

Marble Marble Marble. This material has been used for many things. Very popular for vanities, fireplace surrounds and kitchen countertops. Let’s get into it.

  • Marble creates that beautiful show kitchen you want to share with everyone. This metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals has similar characteristics as granite and quartzites. Heat resistant and all. As well as need to seal it.
  • Marble definitely has more cons than pros. It is a very very porous material so sealing is HIGHLY recommended. It can also scratch, stain, and etch. The cost of Marble is averaged at $80/ sf or higher. Even though marble creates that beautiful show kitchen it is high maintenance, and if you do decide to go with this material I suggest you keep it at that, a show kitchen and not to be used daily.
  • This material is known to be quarried from Italy, and Brazil. Fun fact! The United States also has a state that has produced marble for over 100 years. That state is Vermont and known as the Mountain White Danby Marble.


I know what you’re thinking, all this knowledge but what stone do I go with? So let me help you make a decision. Choose Marble! wait let me finish. If you’re wanting that show kitchen and aren’t going to be using daily. Possibly a vacation home definitely go with this beautiful material. For marble countertops bathroom is more common.

Quartzite has that unique look and has all the similarities as granite with that marble look. This durable material is a perfect choice to go with if this is going to be your forever home. You want it to look amazing and you want a material you’re going to love for as long as you’re in the home.

Quartz is a very popular choice. This material can also be for a forever home or a home you’re looking to rent. There are beautiful Quartz that give you that HGTV look you’re going for, and also can give you that simple look, without the hassle of maintenance.

Granite is always the safe choice to go with. Comes in many styles and colors that you can coordinate your floors, walls, cabinets, and back splash tile. Used for your forever home, a home you’re looking to rent and of course the material you want to put in the home you’re going to sell. By installing granite in your kitchen you’re automatically increasing the value of the home, and will get your return on it.

Overall, I hope this helps you the consumer, homeowner, or investor out when choosing what to go with. All the materials are beautiful and will make your kitchen look amazing! Leave any comments below if you have any questions or would like more information.

Marble Kitchen
Quartz Kitchen
Granite Kitchen
Quartzite Kitchen

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